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This young Cardiff band is fronted by George E. Thomas who, vocally, is seemingly the love child of Ian Astbury and Axl Rose.


George is also the guitarist, while Jo is on drums and (Gareth) Bain is the bassist.


To be honest, I don’t know (without looking at the lyrics) what George is singing (a bit like one of my music heroes The Manics' James Dean Bradfield) but that doesn't bother me … I would point out though that the line in the song 'Mona Lisa Vampire' that I heard as ‘My false eye don’t belong to me’ is actually ‘My false icons belong to me’ … aah well, close!  


You can hear the excellent 'Another Shade of Gloom' which was played on many stations worldwide including BBC Radio Wales.

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James Davies: Guitar & lead vocals.

Jack Langmead: Guitar.

Ashley Evans: Drums & backing vocals.


The Broadcasts are a young alt. rock band from South Wales who formed in 2012.  


I’m a bit late to the party as I listened to them for the first time in December (2016) … but better late than never.  


The Youtube video accompanying this write up is their 2015 track 'This Life'.  I love the vocals of James Davies, he's got a real 'rawk' voice.  The whole track is a perfect piece of rock music.


Check out their Soundcloud for more excellent tracks such as 'Down The Line' and the easy going 'The Road Goes On' with its rather lush harmonica and intense guitaring.  Fabulous band!

The Broadcasts The Broadcasts Feb 2017 gig

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